GAR SURVIVAL RIDES         QLD  7th - 8th March       NSW  14th - 15th March         VIC  21st - 22nd March

This year we’ve planned 3 short weekend rides back to back across 3 states of Australia, designed to get you GAR READY! This training is essential to your success in reaching Steep Point or Cape York. You will cover as much off road as possible including sand with small amounts of on road liaison sections. We also talk about equipment, setup and preparation for the 10th FINAL Edition Great Australian Ride - ADVENTUREMAX. And also for CAPEGAR. Riders who are planning on crossing the Simpson Desert via the QAA/French Line - We will be focusing on sand riding technique, correct tires and pressures, bike setup and fitness. 


The Friday before each GAR SURVIVAL weekend ride there will be an optional train/practice day with Stuart. If you would like to participate in the train day, please register your interest. Depending on your abilities and skill set, we can start from scratch or focus on areas that you would benefit most from. Weather that be riding technique, endurance training, Garmin/mapping skills, bike maintenance and setup.   


“What I've found over the years with adventure riders is that they all have their own individual definition of the word ADVENTURE. I enjoy riding with others and finding their limits, seeing them overcome and grow. There is nothing more awesome to watch a rider build a valuable frame of reference that they can ultimately draw on in any terrain.” Stuart Ball.













The Great Australian Ride – East to West - ADVENTUREMAX - FINAL EDITION! Starts 2nd - 22nd August 2020

We are proud to release our 10th Edition - The Great Australian Ride - ADVENTUREMAX - FINAL EDITION. 

In a world of order, I believe that our freedom is priceless. Over the years we’ve had some incredible Adventure, Courage and Freedom.

The time has come for one last east to west crossing.


I invite riders to take part in the ultimate 21-day Outback adventure, THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN RIDE - ADVENTUREMAX. This East to West ride has been crafted to give you the best that Australia has to offer! From beach sand to dunes, from technical gravel tracks to long distance dust trails, you will be experiencing the most amazing tracks across Australia including the Walkers Crossing, Old Strzelecki, QAA Line, French Line, Upper Gunbarrel Hwy and the Butchers Track! It doesn’t get any better than this! All fully supported by an experienced GAR crew. Let’s make this run ROCK!


GAR BREAKOUT RIDES - Want to ride ADVENTUREMAX but worried about crossing the Simpson and Gunbarrel Hwy? No problem, we offer supported ‘Breakout rides.’ You can ride an easier route around these difficult areas and rejoin the group. Easy! We have developed two exciting and interesting Break Out rides for you.

What’s included in the registration fee? A detailed 21-day itinerary, all organised meals, chef, accommodation, fully equipped back up vehicles, Sweep rider/tyre changer, first aid/medic support, remote telecommunication support. Riders are only required to keep their own motorcycle in good repair and pay for any fuel, alcohol and souvenirs. Riders are required to have a good level of off-road riding skill, motorcycle fitness and be able to act responsibly in all facets of the event. Ride organisers will assist where possible but do not assume responsibility for individual riders or their motorcycles. Safety is our number one priority for our riders and their machine.


Single supplement room package - GAR continues to strive and provide you with the best motorcycling adventure experience.  This year we have introduced our Single supplement room package. If you like your sleep and crave some creature comforts after a long day in the saddle, then this is for you! We’ll get you into a great room away from the dust and flies.


4 Stages - ADVENTUREMAX has been divided into 4 stages. Covering the width of our huge continent, commencing at Australia's most easterly point, Cape Byron Bay, NSW. So if you are short on time....why not choose a Stage and jump on board! The stages are designed for riders who live in other parts of Australia and looking for a 4 - 7 day ride with GAR.                      



Stage 1 - Byron to Birdsville - 2nd August - 7th August - 6 day                                                                            

​Stage 2 - Birdsville to Alice Springs - 8th August - 12th August - 5 day. 2 Rest Days in Alice Springs                 

Stage 3 - Alice Springs to Cue - 14th August – 19th August - 6 day                                                              

Stage 4 - Cue to Steep Point – 19th August - 22nd August - 4 day Limited spaces

Total 21 Days


Fulfill the Dream - If you've got Desert Fever and only want to Ride the Simpson Desert - Birdsville to Mt Dare via the QAA/French Line

No problem. Meet GAR at Birdsville and we'll get you across. Fully supported with an experienced, tried and tested crew, with a lead rider of 11 crossings under his belt. Meet GAR for dinner at the iconic Birdsville Hotel, camp at Big Red then embark on a trip of a lifetime! 4 night and 3 day adventure you'll never forget. Get in quick and tick it off your bucket list. Contact us for details.

GAR Simpson crossing.


Crate and send your bike home - Over the years we have been in partnership with well renowned Transport companies, service is second to none and in most circumstances they are able to deliver your motorcycle to your town or city. We have a facility in Perth City to professionally crate your motorcycle and camping gear. GAR can arrange the crating service and price for you once we reach Perth. The process is simple, hassle free and takes 4 hours to complete. What could be simpler! You are then free to board your flight home, knowing that your motorcycle is in safe hands. Prices may vary due to city location.


GAR is a proud supporter of Australian and International charities. Since it’s conception The Great Australian Ride has raised over $450,000 for charities. This year we have made it simple. You can nominate a charity and raise as much or as little as you like. (The charity must be a charity on the Everyday Hero). We will be setting up an Everyday Hero TEAM GAR 2020 page very soon. Last year the Team raised $13,061.38 for 4 different charities. Once set up you can easily share the link to your friends and family. Keep in mind our highest fundraiser will have the honor of leading TEAM GAR out from Byron Bay…for one last time.


Mate’s Rates - Share the Adventure, bring a mate and receive 5% off both of your bookings! On both of our Premium Adventure rides ADVENTUREMAX and CAPEGAR. Are you an existing GAR member? If so you receive 5% discount on either ADVENTUREMAX or CAPEGAR! This offer will also extend to GAR SURVIVAL RIDES. How good is that!


GAR 2020 & 2021

We are thinking ahead and already planning for future GAR Adventure Rides. 2020 will be our final ADVENTUREMAX!! Sure to be some big surprises lined up. This will give you plenty of time to set up, train and prepare yourself and your machine for the adventure of a lifetime. It's that easy! Also, to make life easier we now offer staggered payments (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) for you to be able to 'pay off' your GAR. Contact us for further details. 





We are just about to witness the 1st Ever Women's Team to cross the Simpson Desert on motorbikes. How cool is that! A world first and GAR is very excited to be organising such an amazing event. Starts 28th Sept - 1st Oct 2019

An all girls Simpson Desert crossing has never been done. 12 women are taking on the challenge, 4 days, Birdsville to Mount Dare via the QAA Line and French Line with the help of a support crew.

The girls have been training all year for this epic challenge and they are READY! The Women's Team has chosen to fundraising for Dolly's Dream, a wonderful cause close to all our hearts. "To empower and educate our community to prevent bullying and cyberbullying" Please help us help them by giving whatever you can using the link below. The more people that know about Dolly's Dream, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing this page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity!


We have been overwhelmed by the amount of women who would like to ride across the Simpson, their enthusiasm, support and commitment has been staggering and it's within reason to start looking at a 2020 run. Possible date - 2nd to 5th May 2020.


Happy Travels