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Always a pleasure to connect and support local, national and international adventure motorcyclists

The motorcycle Expeditions team has been organizing and creating motorcycle tours in India continuously  since 2005 – longer than any other Indian bike touring company.

Our widely specialized staff has all the required knowledge  to assure well established logistic and expedition planning to satisfy all your needs and special requests.  Thus, we have the adequate ability to provide a wide range assistance which  includes all of the basic requirements for the comfort and safety of our  participants: food supply, mechanics and spare parts, accommodation, assistance  team, back up Jeep, and much more. Our local knowledge and commitment allows us  to offer the best motorcycling experience on the Indian Sub-continent including the Himalayan range and the Karakoram.

Sherri Jo Wilkins-Because I can world tour. 2013 Great Australian Ride Ambassador

Born in Indianapolis in the east of the United States, Sherri moved to Australia and lived in South Australia for 10 years. A strong believer in fate, Sherri jo wanted to travel the world and had to work out a way to do that!

Amazingly, as the challenges have arisen, the universe has arrived with the right solution at just the right time, people have turned up to help with training, modifying the bike, with welcome sponsorship and support and offering help and advice. So all that is left is to face the fear and do it anyway. Sherri selected the KTM 690, geared up and set off. To take any problem and turn them into solutions as when they arise. To transmute uncertainty into confidence and persistence and to enjoy the ride. are a non-profit group created to help children in need.

Helping children in need in the areas we love to ride. non-profit,.. Launched purely to be used as a way for motorcyclists to get together and help out children and families in need!



Adventure Rider Radio - Motorcycle Podcast & Radio Show 

ARR is the adventure travel motorcycle podcast. Respected travellers and industry pros talk about travel, tech tips and motorcycle adventure travel.

Weekly Show - Every Thursday


If you've ever wondered what it means to step out and live your dream, Dream Racer will give you the answer. Business consultant Christophe Barriere- Varju is desperate to rekindle the glory of his youth as a teenage motocross legend. Adman Simon Lee yearns to make a movie, but his time is running out. The Dakar Rally offers both men the chance to fulfill their dream, but it won't come easily - from the struggle to find funds, the death of a friend, the birth of a child and 10,000km across South America and some of the harshest terrain on earth.

Dream Racer is a call to arms for anyone who has ever dreamt of doing anything -  a spine tingling antidote to the fear of life passing you by unfulfilled.

Dream Racer

TEX & BUNDY   "The dog on the bike"

Tex and Bundy are the most travelled fundraisers in the country...


Bundy, a stumpy-tailed (Smithfield) Australian Cattle Dog is the world's fastest motorcycling dog and has travelled over 600,000kms on Tex's bike!     

And...Tex and Bundy do it all for charity!


Tex and Bundy support countless charities and are Official Champions for Prostate Cancer Foundation and Official Ambassadors for Project KidSafe Foundation.


If you'd like to meet this true-blue fundraising duo, or help raise awareness, you can book Tex and Bundy for an appearance at your next event 

Adventure Motorcycle Travel Books by SAM MANICOM.

‘One of the best story tellers of adventure in the world today’ Side Stand Up Radio – USA


Wanting to do something completely different, Sam Manicom learned to ride a motorcycle and within three months he’d set off to ride the length of Africa. This one-year trip turned into an eight-year epic across 55 countries.Since 1996 Sam has been writing for Motorcycle Sport and Leisure, Adventure Bike Rider, Adventure Motorcycle Magazine, Overland Magazine, Motorcycle Voyager, The Riders Digest, Motorcycle Monthly, Motorcycle News, Road Rider and various other motorcycle magazines and newspapers around the world.His first book was written as a result of readers’ letters to editors. ‘We like Sam’s articles. When’s he going to write a book?’ Until that time he’d been travelling with just new adventures in mind.


Welcome ~ Come Enjoy A Coffee & a Bite to Eat


Enjoy the Hinterland's "Best Kept Secret"Bellbird Creek Café:





Pitstop on Mt Mee

The Pitstop Café situated at 2070a Mt Mee Rd is a craft shop that also has light refreshments and great coffee.

Apart from the local crafts and collectables for sale The Pitstop also has on display various car and motorcycle memorabilia as well as other interesting “old things”, with a different motorcycle or car from my collection on display every month.

The Pitstop is fast becoming a favorite refreshment stop for weekend motorcycle, bicyclists, car day trippers and car clubs on club runs who travel the Mt Mee tourist drive. There has been very positive feedback from all visitors which include locals, very quickly becoming regulars, as well as tourists from as far away as Ireland, Japan, Africa and Switzerland.

It’s not only the overseas visitors who have their photo taken against the backdrop of the magnificent view but locals as well. It’s a view which has to be seen to be believed. One visitor described it as: “When you look out at the view, time seems to stand still”.

My name is Kinga Tanajewska and bikes are my passion; I started riding in my teens and I’ve never looked back!

I’ve been mostly on road bikes, but since I moved to Australia (I’m originally from Poland) I’ve acquired a taste for adventure riding – and as we all know riding is the best way to explore any country!

So far, I've already realised my dream of circumnavigating Australia solo raising funds for The Shepherd Centre - Giving deaf children a voice.

There is no doubt that some people think we are crazy. There are also those out there who are more than a little envious of our lifestyle.

We’ve always want to live our lives with as few ‘if-onlys’ as possible. We didn’t want to sit back in our dotage and wish we’d done the big trip and regretted not doing it. There may be no tomorrow so you have to live life to its fullest.

When Shirley’s sister died of cancer there were many ‘if-onlys’ in her life. She was cut down in her prime with so much left to do – so much life to live.

Brian has owned and ridden motorcycles for more than 40 years, starting off riding paddock bikes around his father’s farm near Mildura (Victoria). His back yard was about 90 miles of river frontage. Brian has no doubt that riding on mud, clay, sand, salt flats and bush trails all those years ago will help when he rode across Siberia, through the wilds of Mongolia and the mountain passes of Tajikistan’s Pamir Region.

Brian has the good fortune of having a wife who likes riding pillion and enjoys long distance trips too. Our other great leisure time passion is travelling. We want to experience everything we can.

We’re passionate motorcyclists! We ride and travel because it is what we love! To be able to share this with others is a great honor and dream, so come along for the ride and let us look after everything for you.

With tried and tested routes we know you’re in for one hell of a treat! Don’t forget your cameras as you will want to remember this experience for the rest of your life!

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