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We have a HOT line up for Twenty 16 already! Check out the TEAM GAR PAGE on this website for all our other riders, they are a great bunch. No doubt we will have a great team by August....ready to leave Byron Bay and traverse across this great land. The count down has started as we venture into a new year.

We hope you enjoy the posts and can join us on our epic adventure from east to west. Happy travels.

We have great pleasure in welcoming Ralph to GAR. 'Rusty Nails' as his mates know him is a veteran in ADV travel, he has been riding for 45 that time he has managed 2 APC Rallies, French Line, 3 other desert trips inc Simpson, Lake Eyre, Corner Country and 2 Cape

Here's a few words from Ralph.... "I've decided to ride with GAR this year for a number of reasons.Firstly a love of motorcycles and the outback that continues to lure me to new adventures is something I always find a challenge.After many trips on my own the challenge of riding for a worthy cause such as SIDS and KIDS and at the same time indulging in my other loves was too hard to resist.I work with children on a daily basis in our Child Care centres and even though I have 5 children and 4 healthy grand children of my own I know only too well how blessed I am.There are many that have to endure the pain and grief of either sickness or the loss of a child.The GAR will allow me to play a small part to help others cope during those difficult times.I look forward to this great trip and the challenge it offers in all these areas."

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