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KTM990ADV - Solo West to East 100 hours

Gar is complete...or is it? I think there is room for another run. West to east under 100 hours - Steep Point to Byron Bay. Never been done on a KTM990 Adventure solo and unassisted. Final prep is been completed in Perth, working on Kato, mapping and fuel stops. I have fuel buried in the Simpson desert to enable kato to travel fast and light. This mission has been a year in the planning, I hope you can follow the adventure and maybe make a small donation to SIDS. Already this year's team has raised $70,000. GAR's core element has always been fundraising, with this crossing I hope to raise a few more dollars for SIDS and Kids. This will be Kato's 7th transdesert crossing. Once I have bike ready to rock (next couple of days) i'll activate the Spot tracker and load to Facebook. Thanks to everyone who has kindly assisted in this venture, i'll do my best. Adventure Courage Freedom.

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