This year we’ve planned 3 short weekend rides back to back across 3 states of Australia, designed to get you GAR READY! These survival weekends are essential to your success in reaching Steep Point and Cape York. You will cover as much off road as possible including sand with small amounts of on road liaison sections. We also talk about equipment, setup and preparation for the 9th Edition Great Australian Ride – Adventuremax.


Riders who are planning on crossing the Simpson Desert via the QAA/French Line and the Gunbarrel Hwy - We will be focusing on sand riding technique, correct tires pressures, bike setup and fitness. 


The Friday before each GAR SURVIVAL weekend ride there will be an optional train/practice day with Stuart. If you would like to participate in the train day, please register your interest. Depending on your abilities and skill set, we can start from scratch or focus on areas that you would benefit most from. Weather that be riding technique, endurance training, Garmin/mapping skills, bike maintenance and setup. 


“What I've found over the years with adventure riders is that they all have their own individual definition of the word ADVENTURE. I enjoy riding with others and finding their limits, seeing them overcome and grow. There is nothing more awesome to watch a rider build a valuable frame of reference that they can ultimately draw on in any terrain.” Stuart Ball.





























Mick GS1200 - "Great weekend, one of the best decisions I have made was allowing myself to be pressured by my mates to attend. It may be crazy but I am actually considering the desert trip, maybe not this year but it is now on my bucket list. GAR you have sparked a fire."